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ESILaw is an easy to use, all in one solution that will help reduce your workload, maximize your productivity, and improve your bottom line. That's precisely why more than 15,000 US and Canadian attorneys choose ESILaw as their time, billing, accounting and practice management software. Discover what ESILaw can do for your practice by downloading the 30-day free trial.

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Access ESILAW and ESILAW Lawyer Desktop from anywhere with your mobile device. You can instantly access to all your ESILAW information including clients and matters, contacts, calendar and documents. enter time, add appointments and tasks. Visit

ESILAW Lawyer Desktop

ESILAW Lawyer Desktop provides all the tools lawyers use on a daily basis in a simple, easy-to-use interface. Use it to manage clients, matters and contacts, schedule appointments and tasks, record time and client expenses, work with client documents and get more done in less time. Vist


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ESILaw has been sucessfully providing law practices with time, billing, accounting and practice management software for more than 25 years. ESILaw focus on putting client first, listening intently to client suggestions, exceeding market standards and providing industry leading technical support has been the key to its success. ESILaw is all about simplifying small law firm management and helping you increase the bottom line.

ESILaw is designed to streamline the management of all aspects of small law practice by providing a powerful set of easy-to-easy features that will help you stay organized, track and record information easier, find information quicker, bill and collect faster, and measure productivity and performance.